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The icotec Cervical Cage CSI is designed to maintain intervertebral height in the cervical spine, to restore natural lordosis and to decompress neurological structures. The cage is made from BlackArmor Carbon/PEEK material and is fully coated with a porous titanium layer. The innovative design with anatomical or lordotic shape options enables straightforward implantation with excellent primary stability.

The contoured endplate surfaces create a significantly larger weight-bearing contact area between the implant and the bone when comp

ared to conventional designs using spike-like fixation elements. The radiolucent and non-magnetisable material minimises artefacts in X-rays, CT and MRI scans and thereby improves post-operative diagnosis. Radiotherapy during tumour treatment is no longer limited by metallic implants.

  • Outstanding imaging quality – due to the use of Carbon/PEEK, focused on bone – not metal
  • Hamornised load transfer – resulting in less stress shielding due to a better match of the Carbon/PEEK material properties
  • Rapid and direct bone integration and fusion due to the fully poris titanium-coating
  • Integrated x-ray markers – evaluate implant position during implantation

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