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FuseBox is a complete solution for minimally invasive surgery requirements. It provides patient specific solutions to improve efficiencies and may help reduce operating time and wastage. FuseBox is designed to provide a customised patient solution for enhanced patient satisfaction every step through their surgery process.

FuseBox consists of 4 components:

  • Surgical Pre-Planning Report
  • 3D Printed Biomodel
  • 3d Printed Custom Positioning Template
  • 3D Printed Dilators and Retractor


FuseBox TLIF has been designed with both the surgeon and hospital system in mind. It’s designed to enhance and simplify MIS TLIF surgery by:

  • Enabling simulated pre-operative planning based on patients CT scan
  • Pre-selecting optimal implants before surgery
  • Reducing the number of trays for the theatre team
  • Providing a lifelike sterilisable bio-model of the patient’s pathology for the surgeon’s pre and intra-op reference
  • Providing 3D printed custom, patient specific templates and surgical tools for accurate screw placement and enhanced MIS visualisation


FuseBox also aims to reduce the strain on the hospital system by:

  • Providing a less expensive ‘guided surgery’ technique compared to navigated image guided alternatives
  • Reduce operating times and costs
  • Reducing waste and clutter in theatre and the risk of infection by receiving consolidated implant trays
  • Reduced strain on loans and CSSD by providing a streamlined solution