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Marena ComfortWear® is a range of medical compression garments designed for use following plastic and cosmetic procedures. Marena garments offer unparalleled comfort whilst still maintaining the compression you need. Made from Tactel Nylon and Soft Lycra, Marena's ComfortWeave® fabric is one of the only garments to be fully F5 certified and evenly compresses the body, moulding to every curve like a very soft, second skin.

Advantages of F5 certified garments

  • Power/Stretch… Ideal compression in all directions
  • Softness… Feels like a second layer of skin
  • Durability… Lasts longer than any other stretch fabric
  • Moisture Management… Keeps the wearer cool and dry
  • Anti-Microbial… Inhibits the growth of bacteria and odor

Why wear a compression garment?

Following surgery and as part of your recovery, it will be necessary for you to wear a medical grade compression garment for several weeks. The compression garment will aid your recovery from the side effects of surgery, including bruising, swelling and general discomfort. It will also help to ease some pain as well. Marena garments benefit wearers by:

  • Significantly reducing Edema by compressing and flushing potentially harmful body fluids away from the skin.
  • Minimising bruising by compression on small blood vessels and capillaries.
  • Reducing the possible risk of infection as potentially harmful fluids are not allowed to accumulate.
  • Aiding general body contouring and skin retraction by firm compression of the skin during the healing process.
  • Improved comfort by compression provided support.

How long do I need to wear a compression garment for?

Due to different surgical procedures and recovery periods you may need to wear your compression garment for some time following surgery. On average this will be for a minimum of three weeks and as you will be expected to wear your garment 24 hours a day it is recommended you purchase 2 garments so that one can be washed and air dried whilst you wear the other. This is extremely important in order to ensure the best possible surgical outcome.

Styles and sizes available

Marena Compression Garments have been designed for use by both Men and Women, with different styles and sizes to cater for all body types. Marena garments are available in the following styles:

  • Female Bodysuits with bra or suspenders
  • Female Girdles
  • Bras, Breast Wraps and Implant Stabilisers
  • Female Vests and Sleeves
  • Male Girdles, Bodysuits and Vests
  • Abdominal Binders
  • Facial Wear

* Not all styles, sizes and colours are available at all times.

To order please contact Device Technologies Customer Service Department
1800 429 551 or

For more information please visit the Marena website.


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