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The increasing demands placed on Sterile Processing departments today require increased productivity, while at the same time maintaining a safe working environment. The SCS Conveyor System helps to facilitate the sterile processing department in handling the large volume of medical devices that require reprocessing efficiently and quickly.

STERIS has developed a modular, automated conveyor system designed to give you an efficient operation of your RelianceTM VisionTM and SynergyTM washers, allowing simplified handling of baskets and racks.

The SCS Conveyor System is capable of linking multiple single and/or multi-chamber washers in a self-contained reprocessing loop. The conveyor system can also be designed for stand-alone direct loading and unloading of washers.

Modularity and Flexibility

The SCS Conveyor System is designed to be a freestanding system with accessory packages to enable complete design flexibility. A standard barcode reader is included to identify rack requirements and initiate cycles. Thirteen various motorized and non-motorized conveyor modules are available allowing maximum flexibility in configuration. The conveyor frame is constructed of stainless steel (#304). Pneumatic cylinders load/unload racks in and out of the washer/disinfector chamber from the feed-in/feed-out system.

The system is equipped with position sensors that automatically detect rack position, and are designed to operate in a soiled/wet environment. Each module is equipped with a drip pan. Lift gates can be installed in the system allowing easy access to the washer/ disinfector for routine daily maintenance.

SCS Conveyor System is Simplified and Highly Ergonomic

The SCS conveyor system has been simplified and standardized to create a configuration that best fits within the available space, allowing you to optimize your device process flow. The flexibility of the system allows you to design a workflow that is most convenient and comfortable for your staff, and can be optimally positioned for efficient transport and ergonomic handling. The automatic loading and unloading systems facilitate safe handling of medical devices.

Key Benefits

  • Ergonomic handling
  • Flexible design
  • Simple operation
  • Few moving parts
  • Barcode initiated cycle start
  • Unimpeded accessibility and serviceability
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Quiet movement

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