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Discover what lies beneath. DRI OCT Swept Source OCT reveals superior* visualisation of the choroidal structures. Explore the unseen in the vitreous body, the choroid and anterior segment.

Topcon continues its philosophy of developing innovative technologies with the introduction of a new series of DRI OCT Triton Swept Source devices.

Topcon is the first in the world to introduce a combined anterior and posterior Swept Source OCT, the DRI OCT Triton. Next to Swept Source, the DRI OCT Triton incorporates true colour fundus imaging and FA and FAF imaging. A solid, track proven combination.

The Swept Source OCT is a huge improvement compared to Spectral Domain OCT. With Swept Source considerable additional details can be seen due to 1050 nm wavelength. Besides that, this wavelength penetrates more easily through cataracts and hemorrhages. The high speed scanning of 100.000 A-scan/sec is patient friendly for elderly patients, young children and patients with severe AMD. Patients are not distracted by the invisible 1050nm wavelength, which is convenient for the operator and patient.

  • Visualise new depths of retinal pathology Using Swept Source for deeper penetration into the choroid
  • Highest scan speed available 100,000 A-Scans/sec
  • Penetrates through cataracts & haemorrhages Using 1050 nm invisible wavelength for patient compliance
  • Wide-field OCT (12-9mm) One scan for both macula & disc analysis
  • In built fundus camera Offering colour, FA and Auto fluorescence for pinpoint registration

*Compared with spectral domain OCT


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For more information please visit the Topcon Swept Source OCT website.