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Caviwave™ Ultrasonic Cleaning System provides more cleaning power, more protection and more flexibility for your unique instrument processing needs. The Caviwave line offers cleaning options for everything from delicate ophthalmic instruments to heavy orthopedic sets.

The powerful 132 kHz transducers deliver three times the frequency of the industry standard 40 kHz transducer. This micromechanical scrubbing action efficiently cleans both hard-to-reach internal passages and heavily soiled external surfaces, providing reassurance that your instruments were thoroughly cleaned and protected.

Caviwave Efficiency

  • Multiple chamber sizes (11-, 15- and 20-gallon) allows for the sonic cleaning of intricate instruments, as well as heavy orthopedic sets
  • Automatic chemistry injection
  • Automated programmable push-button drain and fill capabilities
  • Automated Lid and Tray Elevator
  • All Stainless Steel Design

Caviwave Effectiveness

  • Designed with 132 kHz transducers to provide optimal ultrasonic action and noise reduction, bringing sonic cleaning to an enhanced level of cleaning efficacy
  • Sonic Port Flushing enables ultrasonic action to penetrate the hardest to clean internal surfaces of lumened devices
  • Reverse Port Flushing Action allows you to ultrasonic the internal channels of lumened devices without connection ports
  • With a push of a button, lubricant is included in the rinse cycle, promoting instrument longevity and optimal performance

Caviwave Ergonomics

  • Instruments are easily immersed with toe-touch control
  • Automatic elevator positioned at convenient working height
  • Automatic lid and tray elevator promotes ease of loading and unloading

Caviwave Pro Da Vinci

The Caviwave Pro offers cleaning options for everything from delicate ophthalmic instruments to heavy orthopedic sets to valuable da Vinci® 8mm and 5mm EndoWrist® Instruments.

  • The patented CaviClean Technology found in Caviwave™ Pro Ultrasonic Cleaning System, developed after extensive research, is a simultaneous multi-frequency design that creates optimal ultrasonic action and noise reduction.
  • Caviwave Pro is validated for:
    – EndoWrist 5mm and 8mm Instruments
    – EndoWrist Accessories
  • CaviClean combines large and small bubbles to create a highly effective cleaning system
  • Caviwave Pro’s quick cycle time helps improve productivity
  • Caviwave Pro Console offers the ability to dry instruments

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