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LED Surgical Lighting

Steris Harmony LED Surgical Lighting System

  • High intensity (160,000 lux) led surgical lighting
  • Exceptional deep-cavity illumination
  • Outstanding R9 value for true red color rendition
  • Crisp, adjustable spot size
  • Excellent shadow control

More LED Surgical Lighting Power, More Red, Less Shadows

Not only does the Steris Harmony LED Surgical Lighting system deliver a powerful, natural white light, it also delivers true red. We focused on maximizing the R9 value, a special color rendering index for deep, saturated shades of red. With an R9 value of 96, your eyes will see every detail in exposed tissue, in every subtle shade of red, with clarity, comfort and focus. And, we give you unparalleled shadow reduction; all of our LED Surgical Lighting lenses are meticulously fitted, precisely aimed and overlapped to achieve a tight, round pattern. No distracting shadows. No questions.

LED Surgical Lighting – High-Definition Suspension

With LED Surgical Lighting, you need exceptional, pure white light and exceptionally crisp and accurate images. Our HD suspension seamlessly delivers all of the information you need to the surgical field. We ensure stunning image clarity with vivid color accuracy by transmitting high-definition signals from any HD image device through low loss HD fiber optic cables and display them on our fast response, surgical-grade HD monitors, providing image quality without compromise.

  • HD suspension provides crisp, clear HD images while virtually eliminating image lag
  • Ultraglide bearings prevent drift and bounce
  • Specially engineered pre-wired extension arms prevent cable damage

LED Surgical Lighting – Future-Ready Architecture

  • Add a lighthead
  • Add a camera
  • Add a monitor
  • Pre-wired for future needs

Surgical techniques and technologies advance in a flash. so Steris Harmony LED Surgical Lighting is engineered in every way possible to accommodate change.

An open infrastructure, camera-ready lightheads, and a sleek, modular design provide for surgical suite flexibility. Monitor extension arms come pre-wired with extra video capacity to support any current video signal type, from any video vendor, so changing from one video source to another is effortless.

Add a light, a monitor, a camera, an ambient light – Harmony LED Surgical Lighting is upgradable to meet your changing needs, all without disrupting your OR. Harmony LED Surgical Lighting is designed to adapt and grow, so as technology evolves, your investment remains protected!

  • Future-ready design protects your investment
  • Modular, flexible design easily adapts as your needs change
  • All lightheads are camera-ready

Steris Harmony LED Surgical Lighting accommodates all video signals including:

  • DVI
  • HD-SDI
  • RGBS
  • Component
  • S-Video
  • Composite

For more information on LED Surgical Lighting please visit the Steris website.


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