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Harmony of the spheres

The XLED® aesthetics are particularly pleasing but, above all, its elegant contours conceal a clever optical process: each spot or group of spots is contained within the area of a sphere. This perfect convergence of the lighting sources over the area to be lit guarantees excellent shadow management and even lighting over the field.

Illuminating ideas

Surgical lighting is first and foremost a work tool. Always pragmatic, STERIS engineers produce efficient solutions for the daily constraints encountered by medical teams. Thus, XLED® has been designed to optimise air flow: the temperature near the surgeon’s head remains comfortable and the laminar flow is unimpeded.

Manoeuvrability is also optimised thanks to a suspension that provides precise and effortless light positioning. The ergonomic handle was designed to withstand at least 1,000 sterilisation cycles. A dual control system allows the lighting to be adjusted directly from the lighthead or from a wall-mounted unit. Finally, the standard ambient lighting feature is essential for all endoscopy procedures.

The pattern diameter is very easily adjusted without repositioning the lighthead thanks to the exclusive wavelens system.

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