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About Orthopaedics

Device Technologies provides complete orthopaedic solutions, including state-of-the-art product lines and education services to provide optimal outcomes for patients. Leading the way in the medical distribution field, Device Technologies distributes the highest calibre of innovative medical supplies.

Orthopaedic BRANDS

The Device Technologies orthopaedic portfolio is comprised of a trusted range of technologies and systems. We pride ourselves on partnering with brands renowned for engineering and innovation in the orthopaedic field.

Hip & Knee

From partnering with leading brands in orthopaedic solutions, Device Technologies delivers the following technologies to assist surgeons in carrying out the following procedures for hip and knee patients:

  • Advanced techniques in knee arthroscopy
  • Arthroscopic meniscal repair
  • Quad tendon graft ACL reconstruction

Shoulder & Upper Limb

Device Technologies’ orthopaedic portfolio delivers a wide range of shoulder and upper limb solutions. Through utilising leading brands cutting edge range of shoulder and upper limb technologies, Device Technologies aims to assist surgeons in solving post-traumatic surgical problems. These devices include:

  • Rotator cuff repair devices
  • Fracture management range
  • Arthroscopic hand instruments

Foot & Ankle

Device Technologies is committed to bringing the next generation of foot and ankle repair products to market.

Hand & Wrist

Partnering with the leaders in arthroscopic repair, Device Technologies proudly supports healthcare professionals with innovative and minimally invasive arthroscopic supplies.

Imaging & Resection

In order to support the orthopaedic range of implant systems and surgical supplies, Device Technologies provides hospitals with a valuable range of digital assets. These innovative capital assets include:

  • Digital theatre integration
  • HD Vision image management systems
  • UHD4 4K video imaging systems


Device Technologies proudly works with leading education partners to ensure a high standard of education across all business sectors – including orthopaedics. We believe that ongoing education is vital in order to ensure best practice and long term orthopaedic patient outcomes.

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Product Support

The orthopaedic department comprises of a dedicated technical support team and a range of education, training, and customer support services.

  • Education

    Device Technologies complements each purchase with a highly developed education program, complete with hands-on training and ongoing support.

  • Technical Service

    All Device Technologies purchases are supported by highly skilled technicians who deliver detailed service programmes as well as 24/7 support.

  • Professional Service

    Device Technologies’ Project Planning, Customer Service, and Sales Teams work together to ensure a smooth process from purchase to delivery.