Modified: September 2023


  • The Device Technologies’ Returns Policy articulates our position on product returns and is in addition to your rights under relevant Laws.
  • It outlines our commitment to you to ensure you are satisfied with the goods you have purchased from Device Technologies.



    1. All product returns requested by a customer from Device Technologies must have a Goods Return Authorisation (GRA) number, which can be obtained by telephone or email through Device Technologies’ Customer Service team.
      Contact us at:
      Customer Service
      1300 338 423
    2. Please be aware that the issuance of a GRA number is not a commitment that the returned goods will be accepted or that a remedy or credit will be provided. Once a GRA number has been provided, goods must be returned to Device Technologies for assessment within thirty (30) business days, or a new GRA number must be obtained.

    1. Device Technologies will accept the return of goods under the following circumstances:
      1. the goods were delivered in error by Device Technologies or are no longer required by the customer (Non-Defective Goods); or
      2. the goods were defective and not of acceptable quality (Defective Goods); or
      3. the goods were Damaged in Transit; or
      4. in accordance with conditions articulated in the relevant supply agreement between Device Technologies and its customer/s.
    2. Device Technologies will not accept return of any goods without a GRA number.
    3. Non-Defective Goods
      1. All returned goods that are not defective (including where goods have been delivered in error by Device Technologies or where Device Technologies agrees to receive stock no longer required by the customer), must:
        • be in their original undamaged packaging (including original packaging unit quantity with relevant batch number), unopened, unmarked, unlabeled with customer labels and otherwise in saleable condition; and
        • where relevant, have a remaining expiry dating of six (06) months or more (unless otherwise agreed in writing with a Device Technologies representative).
      2. Where the customer has been billed or charged for Non-Defective Goods, Device Technologies will issue a credit for such Non-Defective Goods, however Device Technologies reserves the right to refuse credit for any goods which do not comply with the requirements listed in section 2.3.1 above.
      3. In circumstances where goods are not returned in accordance with the requirements in a) and b) above, and Device Technologies elects to receive these goods, the customer may be subject to a re-stocking charge of 15% of the relevant invoiced value of the goods to cover costs incurred by Device Technologies.
    4. Defective Goods
      1. Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
      2. Where goods are claimed to be defective, they must be isolated and as part of obtaining the GRA number, the Device Technologies’ Product Specialist must be advised as to the nature of the alleged defect.
      3. Upon receipt of the goods by Device Technologies, the goods will be assessed (either by Device Technologies or returned to the manufacturer for evaluation), in a reasonable timeframe and, if proven to be defective, an appropriate remedy (refund/credit, replacement or repair) will be provided.
      4. In order to allow for an accurate evaluation of the goods, Device Technologies is obliged to return the goods to the manufacturer in a clean, decontaminated and, wherever possible, sterile condition. Please also refer to the Returning Dangerous Goods section for specific product requirements.
    5. Goods Damaged in Transit
      1. Where damage is evident upon receipt of goods by the customer, customer to provide photo evidence. A copy of this documentation must then be provided to the Device Technologies’ Customer Service team when requesting a GRA number (in accordance with the above) to allow for the return of the goods to Device Technologies.
      2. Goods that have been Damaged in Transit must be returned to Device Technologies within 30 days of issuance of their relevant GRA number. Device Technologies reserves the right to reject the return of any goods returned after 30 days from issuance of GRA number and no refund, replacement or credit will be provided to the customer for such goods.
    6. Relevant Supply Agreements
      1. Device Technologies will process goods returns in accordance with specific contractual obligations held with individual customers.

    1. Device Technologies supplies substances and articles that are classified as dangerous goods or may upon use, become dangerous goods. Examples include but are not limited to chemicals, lithium batteries, articles that contain lithium batteries and medical devices or equipment that has been potentially contaminated with infectious substances in connection with the use of this equipment by the customer or any third party.
    2. Goods classified as dangerous goods are regulated for transportation. Dangerous goods must be consigned for transport in accordance with the prevailing dangerous goods transport legislation and requirements, including packing, labelling and consignor’s declarations.
    3. Requirements for the compliant transport of product complaint dangerous goods need to be followed by all parties in the supply chain. Contact for special instructions on product complaint dangerous goods collection prior to returning the goods or for assistance to determine whether goods are or are likely to be classified as dangerous goods before return.
  4. 4. COSTS

    1. Device Technologies is responsible for return freight costs relating to goods that are defective, supplied in error or damaged in transit.
    2. Where goods are Non-Defective Goods and/or where they are no longer required by the customer, the customer is responsible for freight booking to return the goods to Device Technologies.

    Unless defective, delivered in error or damaged in transit, custom made goods will not be accepted for return.


    Where a customer is eligible to receive a refund (including when a product requires assessment), the amount will be credited to the customer within 30 business days. Other remedies (repair or replacement) will be provided within a reasonable time.