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With a commitment to improving hospital efficiency and greater quality of time with patients, Device Technologies researches, sources and distributes leading Hospital Infrastructure solutions for the Australian and New Zealand markets. Partnering with reputable, globally recognised brands, Device Technologies is dedicated to bringing best in class offerings across core verticals of Hospital Infrastructure and patient interactions; hospital ward settings, pharmacy dispatch, medication inventory management, wayfinding solutions, outpatient management and transport technologies.


Hospital Wayfinding helps patients and visitors navigate their way easily and efficiently around the hospital environment, providing a digital hospital map that improves patient experience and delivers a more efficient healthcare service.

By partnering with InTouch, Device Technologies provides an improved patient experience by:

  • Providing an easy to use, interactive digital hospital map provided at check-in
  • Standalone and centralised hospital kiosks for larger environments
  • Available in an app version for easy accessibility
  • Reduction of time spent in providing verbal directions


The hospital ward is a diverse and dynamic environment. As such, Device Technologies provides Australian and New Zealand hospitals with a broad and pragmatic set of hospital ward products, ranging from technology work stations to storage facilities for a holistic and efficient hospital offering.

Examples of ward solutions include:

  • TouchPoint mobile workstations and laptop carts
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Metro Emergency Carts
  • Metro Storage Facilities
  • Automated Dispensing Cabinets



TouchPoint automated dispensing systems streamline inventory and medication management, increasing dispense accuracy and decreasing errors to help ensure a better patient and HCP experience. The TouchPoint system provides a valued combination of security, flexibility, and support for hospital environments of all sizes.

In addition, the TUG autonomous robot securely delivers a range of medications through the hospital environment and directly to nursing units or dispatch settings. It secures and automates deliveries that are normally made through pneumatic tubes or manual couriers.


Patient Flow Manager is the central, digital dashboard that allows visibility of each individual patients’ management flow, leveraging InTouch’s wayfinding technology. It allows multiple staff to efficiently manage each stage of the patient journey from multiple locations.

  • A clear, accurate view of patient location at every stage of their journey during the care continuum
  • Inbuilt alerts and custom notifications
  • Staff user access based on job function


Hospitals move an immense amount of materials, which is a complex and demanding internal logistics challenge that has implications on costs, quality and safety. The TUG Autonomous mobile robot provides easily adaptable solutions to hospitals, and is suitable for both hospitals and clinics currently in operation, or for hospitals expanding their facilities. TUG robots in healthcare perform delivery and transportation tasks, freeing clinical and service staff to focus on patient care.


Device Technologies partners with quality worldwide brands and manufacturers to bring hospital infrastructure solutions and offerings to the Australian and New Zealand market.

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Product Support

With a focus on ensuring quality within the Hospital environment, Device Technologies provides the link between technology expert and doctor.

  • Education

    Device Technologies complements each purchase with a highly developed education program, complete with hands-on training and ongoing support.

  • Technical Service

    All Device Technologies purchases are supported by highly skilled technicians who deliver detailed service programmes as well as 24/7 support.

  • Professional Service

    Device Technologies’ Project Planning, Customer Service, and Sales Teams work together to ensure a smooth process from purchase to delivery.


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