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About Corin

Founded in 1985, Corin seeks to create value for surgeons across the globe, helping to achieve better quality of life for patients.

Operating in over 40 countries globally, Corin offers an innovative combination of clinically proven solutions and world-leading technologies that enable patients, surgeons, and healthcare providers to connect more closely than ever. Their unwavering focus on the needs of patients and surgeons, through providing innovative and technologically advanced product solutions, complements the 29 years’ experience that Device Technologies has in providing world-class medical education, clinical expertise, and technical support. .

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With a strong focus on orthopaedic innovation, and a vision of connected orthopaedic insight, Corin are dedicated to helping surgeons learn from each other striving for continual professional learning and development. In doing this, Corin seek to enable fast, positive and a more assured return to quality of life for patients all over the world.


As a high-quality provider of service and technical expertise to support the reliable and effective use of Corin associated technologies, Corin partners with Device Technologies to support their LARS portfolio in the Australian and New Zealand healthcare market.