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About MEDICALgorithmics

MEDICALgorithmics is one of the largest cardiac monitoring companies in the world, serving as one of the major developers of pocket, mobile electrocardiogram (ECG) monitors.

Founded in 2005 in Warsaw, Poland, MEDICALgorithmics is focused on expanding cardiovascular monitoring, arrhythmia diagnostics, post and pre-surgery monitoring, step-down care monitoring, cardiac rehabilitation and Cardiac Safety.

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Currently, their products are utilised by hundreds of healthcare institutions in the United States, European Union, Asia and Middle East, and providing support for thousands of patients.

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MEDICALgorithmics has set themselves a worthy goal: to be one of the largest providers of cardiac monitoring systems in the world.

Through their products, MEDICALgorithmics aims to high quality diagnosis for healthcare professionals, and a high standard of care for patients.

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 The focus on creating high quality, non-invasive ECGs and arrhythmia diagnostic technology has enabled healthcare professionals to be provided with data, analysis and reporting on patient wellbeing. This is a standard that MEDICALgorithmics wishes to further expand in the future.

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As a partner company, Device Technologies works with MEDICALgorithmics to provide quality cardiac monitoring systems to the Australian and New Zealand market.