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MELAG Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG is a German-based company that is prominent in the area of infection control products, such as high-speed autoclaves, washers/disinfectors, water purification systems, sealing devices and traceability software.

Their entire product range is developed and produced exclusively in Berlin, Germany. The products are utilised by dentist clinics and hospitals, medical hospitals, medical practices, vet-clinics and podiatrists.

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They focus on quality and high standards of operational reliability, which has established them as a leading manufacturer in instrument decontamination and hygiene.

MELAG’s goal is to contribute to the success of customer’s daily work in decontamination and hygiene. They credit their success to the team spirit and mutual respect of their 450 employees.

Their sterilisers are exported to more than 80 countries. Specialist dealers in individual regions worldwide provide competent advice, proper installation and professional maintenance and repair services. They are supported by MELAG’s local area managers in Russia/CIS, China, Southeast Asia and Iberia regions.

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MELAG have over 60 years experience in the development and production of sterilisers and disinfection devices.

MELAG stands for innovation, sustainability, high quality and durability of products. They invest in research and development of new, innovative technologies and staff training. 

MELAG credits their success to their durable, high quality products with innovative operations. Their aim is to protect patients and practice teams against infection.

They employ over 150 engineers and computer scientists, in the fields of technical development and information technology, to continually offer customers the best solutions for instrument decontamination.

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MELAG’s manufacturing location in Germany allows for the production of high quality products. Additionally, it creates jobs for locals, as MELAG have specifically chosen to not outsource production.

They are consistently focused on specialising in products such as sterilisers and thermal disinfectors, rather than expanding to include products which are not part of their core competency – practice hygiene.

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to MELAG, and they subject each device to a two-day endurance and stress test, including factory testing and validation. Deviations and irregularities are documented immediately, and the devices are subjected to further testing. MELAG consider the extra time and energy required for this process to be essential, as it ensures high levels of customer satisfaction. 

The intrinsic value, sustainability and reliability of their products is supported by global optimised service from qualified technicians. MELAG invests heavily in training specialist dealers, distribution and service partners at their MELAG academy and on site. They aim for high levels of aftersales care, to facilitate the continuous, trouble-free use of their system solutions.

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As their exclusive importer in the Australian and New Zealand healthcare market, Device Technologies is proud to partner with MELAG.