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About Norav Medical

Norav Medical was founded in 1993 with the aim of providing high quality solutions in the fields of PC-ECG, EKG Management systems and related non-invasive cardiac devices.

Today, the company has developed an extensive portfolio of innovative products for acute care, primary care and research settings, including Cardiac Stress Tests, Telemetry ECGs, Resting ECGs, Holter Monitoring Systems, Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors and ECG Management Systems.

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With regional headquarters in Del Ray, Florida (USA) and Wiesbaden (Germany), Norav now markets their products via a worldwide dealer network, with specialists in the fields of software, hardware, computers, networking and data management.

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Norav Medical aims to provide a holistic approach to their medical solutions, with a focus on diagnostic accuracy, high quality features, user-friendly interfaces to ensure patients and healthcare professionals can operate their products in an easy, accessible manner.

As an ECG provider, Norav Medical understands the importance of innovation, and setting a high degree of excellence in their work.  The company has a strong commitment to offer high quality products at competitive prices, and working with like-minded dealers to ensure patients and healthcare professionals have access to these products.

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The majority of the company employees are engaged in the development of new products and improvements of existing ones, which highlight the core goals of the company: to innovative and, above all, to always find ways to improve.

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As a provider of their solutions for the Australian and New Zealand Healthcare market, Device Technologies is proud to represent and work with Norav Medical.