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About SOMNOmedics

SOMNOmedics is a globally acting company that specialises in powerful and innovative solutions for sleep diagnostics.

With a focus of crafting solutions that are easily applicable to keep up with medical research and respond to the increased demands of both doctors and patients, SOMNOmedics deals with customers in more than 40 countries worldwide.

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With a goal of being at the forefront of sleep assessment medical devices, SOMNOmedics provide sophisticated solutions for long-term diagnostic EEGs, long-term ECG or innovative continuous, ambulatory blood pressure measurement. They also specialise in polysomnography and polygraphy screenings.

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For all products, SOMNOmedics strives to make their products and solutions easy to apply in any medical setting, reliable in their results and durable during the daily routine of the hospital setting.

The company understands and strives to meet the increasing demands of doctor and patients worldwide. In addition, the company also highly values cultural diversity and gender equality, with half of internal management positions held by women, and employing people from 13 different nations.

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SOMNOmedics values these important human facets to their business, with numerous national and international patents evidence of the vibrancy and ingenuity within the company.

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As a producer of high quality sleep diagnostics and cardiology, Device Technologies is pleased to partner with SOMNOmedics.